Sunday, 24 October 2021

Wren House in Autumn.....

It appears that the lovely Autumn season is upon us again, and I enjoy the Autumn colours that other photographers have taken and posted on their various sites online. Circumstances does not permit me to get out and about much these days, so about the furthest I get to venture out, is our back yard. This little wren house has been vacated again, and I would love to be able to grab a picture of it sometime, but it usually appears when I do not have my camera handy. It paid us a visit this morning whilst I was enjoying my coffee, as it landed on our front veranda for a very brief few seconds, and then was off. It will likely be next year before we get a glimpse of it again, and enjoy it's lovely song.....meanwhile, I have to content myself with taking a shot of its abode, and hope that it does indeed return next year.....Cheers!

Tuesday, 12 October 2021

Lily in B & W.....

This image started out as a coloured yellow lily, and I thought it might look nice as a Black & White, for those who appreciate the simplicity of it. A lot of cleaning up had to be done, but I feel it was a worthwhile endeavor. Hopefully everyone had a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving Weekend, and I enjoyed having my whole family under one roof for a brief few hours. It has been so long since we were able to do that. The weather was very warm and humid, but we managed to enjoy the outdoors for most of the get together. Stay safe everyone.....Cheers! 

Saturday, 9 October 2021

Ash Leaves Abstract.....

This little image was originally shot just a few feet from the White Dogwood Berries posted below, prior to Covid-19 when we visited the Lorraine Valley area of Northern Ontario. It was actually shot in the Summer time, and the leaves and forest were very green. I did a little photo editing in Corel, and converted it to an Autumn like scene. Then I took the file over to Corel Painter Essentials 8 and ran a little Impressionism action on it, and this was the result. For what ever reason, I seem to have acquired a taste for abstract images, and when I see a potential image before me, I start thinking how it might look if it were converted into an abstract illustration of some sort. I never know what I will come up with when I start out playing with an image. Of course my better half thinks I'm nuts, and she probably is not too far off the mark....but such is life. I tell her it is my therapy that enables me to cope with this mad world that has emerged recently. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it....Cheers!

Wednesday, 29 September 2021

White Dogwood Berries......

Working on this little image was fun to pass an hour or so tonight. When I made the transition from colour to Black & White, it was no contest. The Black & White variant won hands down. Using the poster edges filter in CS5 enhanced the detail and contrast, and also gave it a bit of a graphic look as well.....hope it is enjoyable for you too. Cheers! 


Saturday, 18 September 2021

Trinity, NFLD Scene.....

The last time I visited "HOME" was back in 2015, and I spent a good deal of my vacation on the Avalon. It was solace for the soul to say the least. When we arrived in Trinity, the first scene I saw when I stepped out of the car was this one. I immediately fired off a shot, as I knew I liked what I saw, but did not spend much time thinking about it. Tonight, I converted it from colour to Black & White, and I think I prefer this variant best. Even though I was raised in a city, and lived most of my life in mainland cities, I have always, to this day, been a bayman at heart. For me, this image is full of texture, but then, no surprise, Newfoundland is full of textures on so many levels that I could go on for an hour or more with that train of thought. But I will spare you... anyway, this image makes me feel like the Newfoundland that I grew up knowing, is still there. Hopefully it will be for a while longer, and hopefully I will make it back at least one more time.....Cheers! 

Monday, 13 September 2021

The Clipping....

Last week, I was pruning and clipping the badly overgrown plants in our back yard, and this rose was the only one on the tip of a "sucker" branch on one of our climbing rose bushes. So I clipped it off, and stuck it in a little vase that was sitting empty on the table in my quiet space. It is my retreat from the world right now. A few months back, I had purchased a 85mm, f1.4 lens that was originally designed to be used with film cameras. From online reviews I had read, it was touted as being able to hold its own on a more modern DSLR camera. It was designed to be a portrait lens, and is all about the bokeh, especially when it is used wide open at f1.4 aperture. So I put it on my SONY a900 camera, and gave it a go with the aperture wide open. This is the resulting image, and I think it lived up to its reputation. This image is just a very simple little snippet of a place I enjoy when it is not too scorching hot or humid. There has been a lot of those days this Summer, but it is close to the arrival of the Autumn season now, and that should bring much more bearable temperatures before the gnarly Winter months arrive....Cheers!.

Somewhere Near Trinity, NFLD.....repost

This little image was posted sometime around last December, 2020, as a Black & White, which I liked very much. Tonight for whatever reason, I got to playing with it again. This time I thought I would try Corel Painter software, and this is the resulting image. It is supposed to somewhat resemble a coloured pencil drawing of the original photo. Truth be told, I am not very proficient with this software yet, and there is definitely a learning curve to it. It is a bit difficult for me to wrap my mind, or what's left of it, around, and accept the fact that it is no longer a photograph, and is now something quite different. The colours are different, and the jury is out on if it somehow enhances the image or not.....but it is fun to experiment, and to get a few hours relief from all of the so called Federal Election stuff online that we must endure for another week at least....good Lord, I'd give anything to find myself trudging along the dirt road in this image right about now....Cheers!